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After graduating from N.Y.U. and the Actor's Studio, Johnny Alonso has worked on countless projects beginning with a one year recurring role on All My Children as "Seth". From there many gigs followed: a guest starring role on "Homicide" as David Scholtz, a two episode guest starring role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a contract speaking role on Rules of Engagement as "Kurt" who gets into it with Samuel L. Jackson. Johnny also booked a core guest starring lead on ABC's Growing Pains Reunion II as "Mickey", and as "Axe" the bass playing/careless boyfriend next to Rachel Leigh Cooke in the movie Stateside. Johnny also played the core lead character "Johnny Kowolski" on the award winning 12 part educational PBS series Number's Alive! Alonso's was a WB/CW Network actor for 3 seasons with his 8 episode recurring role on Dawson's Creek as the snide junior stock broker "Jimmy Franco", and his 6 episode guest core recurring on One Tree Hill as the fast talking band manager "Joey D." Johnny was featured as a guest starring role on A Haunting as the "Mike Esperanza" and starred in the Los Angeles film Coffin, which spotlights his skills as the dark character "Trick" next to actors Kevin Sorbo and Bruce Davison. In the western picture "Day of the Gun" Johnny plays the horse riding/off centered Charlie Chaplin type "Town Mortician". Alonso just finished working with director Martin Scorcese on the new HBO pilot/series "The Untitled Rock and Roll Project" as "Gibby", bass player in a New York City rock band that transitions into punk rock 1976 and a role on the Fox network hit show Gotham as "Kaz". His love for languages booked Alonso as "Corporal Fiato" the Italian speaking soldier that translates for the American Army in the upcoming WWII History Channel documentary "Disaster on Hill 772 March 28, 1943. Johnny plays "Jack Pappas" the pool shark hustler in the new feature Masse. You can also hear Johnny's voice over work as he guides you thru the exhibit "Remember The Children" as the voice of "Daniel" at the Smithsonian Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. His voice has guided millions of visitors thru this Smithsonian exhibit since the museum's opening day. Alonso was also involved with the Emmy award winning show NASA 360 as one of the main hosts shooting over 30 episodes in the span of 3 seasons. This series shot all over the world. One of the coolest gigs to date.

Hitting his stride this actor has worked non-stop on many other series and projects including Forbidden, the F.B.I. Files, The Passing, True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, Nightmare Next Door, Sky Mall (Fall 2014), Good People, Click on This, City of Lost Souls, Walk of Shame and the new horror picture Terrortory. Alonso is also one of the main hosts of the Emmy award winning series NASA 360. For more info drop by the website: and follow him on Instagram: 

Safehouse - Johnny Alonso as Cooper O'Neil Starring Lead Role
Johnny Alonso as Joey D 6 episodes recurring on One Tree Hill
Actor Johnny Alonso as Dobbs - core lead role in Chronology
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