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Hosting Clips

So here's the news, I love being a host! Ive been hosting television shows for almost as long as Ive been acting. My first major hosting gig was on the Emmy Award winning series NASA 360 as one of the two main hosts onthe show. We shot over 40 episodes in the 4 seasons we were on the air and shot all over the country at every NASA site in America including Hawaii and also overseas interviewing NASA Astronauts from the Apollo Mission, NASA engineers, talking with the Mars Rovers engineers and seeing the Rovers in person before they were sent to Mars, going to Space Camp, wind tunnels, Zero Gravity pools at Johnson Space Center, watching rocket launches at the Cape the list is endless. One of the coolest gigs Ive had to date!!

CLICK ON THIS has been a mainstay in my career going into my 10th season with them. Click on This is a pop culture/lifestyles show where I get to interview celebrities, rockstars and artists. We cover all the red carpet at Sundance Film Festival every year and its nice being one of the regular media outlets on the line. Ive won several awards for Best Host for the show. Here are just a few teasers and inserts from my great hosting career. I seriously have so much hosting footage its impossible to post everything here lol rifle thru these clips. I hope you like them :) 

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