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It's been forever since I've updated my site. Thank you for all the messages asking what's new, what's going on and what's next on the list. To start things off, my guest starring role on the paranormal series A HAUNTING episode NEVERMORE, has gained so much traction its the most watched and re-aired episode of season 11. If you do a Google search for my episode NEVERMORE add Travel Channel to the search, you'll see the next time it will air on national television. You can always catch NEVERMORE on Discovery Plus - A Haunting episode NEVERMORE (Season 11 episode 7) NEVERMORE doesn't end like a typical A Haunting episode. Tune in and find out why.

we are so excited for the release and red carpet premiere of our new dark thriller THE HAUNTING OF COTTONWOOD. Written and directed by the talented Michael McLaren. Shot in the Mt. Dora, Sandford and Orlando Florida surrounding areas, this film is nothing like Ive been a part of in my extensive film and television past  I play the character Dave Edwards, one of the 4 main leads. The story surrounds itself with a family from Los Angeles who inherits an old home called the Higgins House.  The family decides to turn the old beauty into a bed and breakfast. But soon enough they find out the house use to be an old orphanage that carries a very dark past that the town has been trying to cover up and forget. Our red carpet premiere will take place Saturday October 21, 2023 in Mt. Dora. As soon as I get more info regarding tickets and red carpet after party Ill post it here on this page.


We're also wrapping up production on a television show called ROSEMARY STREET SERIES.  Written and directed by Elena Moscatt who's also the brainchild of the award winning show Click on This. Rosemary Street series is shot in the Baltimore City surrounding area. The show is present time bouncing back into 80s and 90s flashback about family, musicians, artists, music and culture. Spotlighting many influencers and named actors, artists and musicians alike. Its a positive series with an edge. I play the core lead character Asher Daniels a family guy, but still has aspirations of being the rockstar he use to be with his alternative rock band 1313 still trying to be the positive role model to his daughters and wife. We'll be getting a trailer out as soon as we cam but here;s a montage clip of a day in the life of Asher at work.

 The Chop Shop is another project that's on hot the table. We have a team working for us based out of Sacramento California that has plans for the film after the SAGAFTRA strike. Ill be updating this page every month so definitely stop back and check for updates to get in the mix with me.  Thanks again for stopping by!! 

I'll see you soon!!

Johnny Alonso 

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