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So sorry I havent updated this website in almost a year, so much has been happening that every time Ive wanted to update this site another gig was booked or another film financed or sold. Im so psyched about what's happening these days!! 

Id like to start by saying you can now catch me on the new season 2 of the hit Netfiix series Outer Banks. My episode "The Darkest Hour" is episode 5 in the series. The first weekend the new season was out i received over 700 DMs between here and Facebook messenger and over 1000 messages on my Instagram. So stoked!! Tune in if you havent already and leave a message on the Netflix message board :) 

Our 80s vibed modern day psychological thriller Harvey has been picked up for global distribution by Acort International. We are thrilled to announce that our red carpet premiere will be at the Laemmle Theatre in North Hollywood October 14, 2021. We also have 2 other red carpet screenings later thta month to follow. There has been talk about a small theatrical run in select cities before it drops on all major platforms.  The soundtrack is sick with new retro sounding bands as well as bands from the 80s peppered thru out the film. Between the 80s vibed story, locations, makeup, hair and wardrobe youll feel like youre watching a film from 1987. I promise we will update this page with the event links and where to watch Harvey once its released. We cant wait for you to see this Harvey!! 

Getting back to network television I just booked a guest starring role on the ghost series A Haunting. Ive been on the show before ep. "Hidden Terror" which is one of the most re aired episodes from the series. My new starring lead charcter is one Im going to have such a great time creating and preforming with my lead actress, Ill post air dates soon.

Thanks as always for stopping by and please leave me a message ill get back to you!! 

See you soon!!
Johnny Alonso



Midnight Releasing/Acort International

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