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Johnny Alonso on the


Height: 5’8”       Weight: 128 lbs.     Hair: Medium Brown     Eyes: Hazel/Green



Terrortory                                                                               (Lead) - David                                                             Dir. Kevin Kangas

Coffin                                                                                      (Lead) - Trick                                                                Dir. Kipp Tribble/Derik Wingo

Day of the Gun                                                                      (Supporting) - The Town Mortician                        Dir. Wayne Shipley

City of Lost Souls                                                                  (Supporting) – Sean                                                   Dir. Jason Baustin

The Driver                                                                               (Supporting Lead) – Lenny                                      Dir. Shannon Lanier

Masse                                                                                      (Lead) – Jack Pappas                                                 Dir. Jay Taylor

Lamplight                                                                               (Lead) – Perry                                                              Dir. Jason M. Koch

Fear of Clowns II                                                                   (Lead) - Ralph                                                              (Dir. Kevin Kangas          

SafeHouse “The Movie”                                                       (Lead) - Cooper O’Neil                                              Dir. John Pogue

Rules Of Engagement                                                          (Featured Speaking) - Spitting Protestor              Dir. William Friedkin

Stateside                                                                                 (Core Supporting) - Axe                                           Dir. Reverge Anselmo

Emmit’s Mark                                                                         (Supporting) - The Serial Killer                               Dir. Keith Snyder

Good People                                                                          (Lead) - Billy                                                                Dir. Lewis Long

The Passing                                                                            (Lead) - Sean                                                              Dir. Aaron Gentzler

Charm City                                                                             (Starring Role) - Rick Buccia                                    Dir. Ralph C. Prepetit            

Serial Mom                                                                             (Featured Speaking) - Kid B                                     Dir. John Waters

Double Cross!                                                                        (Starring Role) - Dexter Vega                                   Dir. Scott Lochrey

Mardi Gras, Baltimore                                                         (Starring Role) - Charlie Rand                                  Dir. Gil Jawets



Gotham                                                                                   (Supporting) - Kazz Penguin's Bass Player                 Fox Network                           “The Untitled Rock and Roll Project” (2 episodes)           (Supporting) – Gibby                                                      Dir. Martin Scorcese HBO

Disaster on Hill 772 “El Guetar” March 28, 1943             (Core Lead) – Corporal Fiato (Italian Dialogue)          History Channel

A Haunting                                                                             (Guest Starring) – Johnny Possessed Psychic              Discovery Channel

Deadly Affairs                                                                       (Supporting) – Terry                                                         Investigation Discovery

When Ghosts Attack                                                            (Supporting Lead) – Ricky                                               Fox Network

Walk of Shame                                                                     (Supporting Lead) - Derek                                               Omni Entertainment

True Crimes With Aphrodite Jones                                   (Guest Star Lead) - Benjamin Fawly                              Investigation Discovery

Forbidden                                                                             (Supporting) - Bradley Spalter                                        Investigation Discovery

NASA 360    (1st, 2nd, 3rd Seasons)                                  (Main Co-Host) - Johnny Alonso                                      Discovery Channel

Milgram & The Fastwalkers                                                (Core Recurring) – Dean Savage P.I.                              KoldKast Television

One Tree Hill     (2nd,3rd, 4th Seasons)                             (8 Episode Core Recurring) - Joey D.                             WB Network

Click On This! (1st, 2nd, 3rd Season)                                 (Lead Host) – Johnny Alonso                                

Growing Pains Reunion II  “Return Of The Seavers”        (Guest Starring Lead) - Mickey                                      ABC Network

Dawson’s Creek  (6th Season)                                            (6 Episode Recurring) - Jimmy Franco                           WB Network

Stuck In The Suburbs                                                          (Supporting) - ZackThe Mtv Video Director                  Disney Summer Special

A Haunting   (Ep. “Hidden Terror”)                                     (Guest Star Lead) - Mike Esperanza                             Discovery Channel

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer                                                  (Day Player) - Tadder                                                       Fox Network

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch                                               (Day Player) - Chuck                                                        ABC Network

F.B.I. Files (Ep. “The Great Philadelphia Mob Wars” )      (Guest Starring Lead) - Joey Merlino                            Discovery Channel

Destination Tomorrow (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Season)               (Closing Interviewer) - Johnny Alonso                           NASA Discovery

Homicide   (Ep. “Colors”)                                                    (Guest Star Lead) - David Scholtz                                   NBC Network

Numbers Alive! (12 Episode Educational Series)             (Series Lead) - Johnny Kowolski                                    PBS 12 Part Series

America’s Most Wanted                                                     (Guest Star) - Greg Higgs                                                  Fox Network

Unsolved Mysteries                                                            (Day Player) - Billy                                                             NBC Network


COMMERCIALS/VOICE OVERS:              (Over 200 Voice Overs - Complete List Given Upon Request)

“REMEMBER THE CHILDREN”                          Daniel - The Exhibit Narrator                                          Smithsonian Holocaust Museum 

T.C.I. (New York City)                                         College Type Announcer 3 TV Spots/25 Radio Tags    Clean Cuts Productions

The Wired World National Tv Special            Cool & Informative Young Narrator                               National Geographic



The Actors Studio New York (2 yr degree)    Scene Study/Monologues/Movement/Technique        Bryant, Satterfield, Kohen

New York University - Actor’s Studio              Intense Auditioning/Technique Studies                        Packard, Bullington, Joels C.S.A

T.V.I. Workshop Seminars L.A.                         Cold Readings/Monologues                                             Bullington, Berger, Paul C.S.A.

Actor’s One On One                                          Television/Audition Technique/Voice                            Robert Christie

Maryland Academy Of Dramatic Arts            Television/Audition Technique/Voice                            Ralph Tabakin

ACT! Soap Opera/Tv/Film Workshop             Scene Study/Cold Readings                                             Joan D’Incecco C.S.A.


Additional Skills:

Singing, Guitar, Bass, Piano, East Coast Swing Dancing (Intermediate), Snowboarding (Intermediate Level Own All Snow Gear and Boards) Skateboarding (Vert & Street), Surfing (Short Board Shredding, Long Board) Motorcycling (Own a ’64 Harley-Davidson), Billiards, Fire Arms, Speak Spanish And Italian fluently.                             

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